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How many Millennial Specialists have you Met in your life?


Chances are, few to (hopefully) none.


Because honestly, teaching the behavioural dynamics of the different generations is a relatively new requirement in today's market.

Be it for the employees at the workplace or for the consumers, generational differences play a significant role in understanding the differing behaviours.

The more we understand these subtle differences, the better we will be in communicating with one another and establishing strong and harmonious relationships as humans and businesses.



It sounds cooler that way. But it's also true. 

My career started right after I overcame my own Quarter Life Crisis. While studying my Bachelors of Psychology, I had started my own company YOU Training & Development in 2009 running Enrichment Programs for students from Primary 1 to Junior College/Polytechnic/ITE level.

As much as I loved what I was doing, I was approaching burnout as I felt there was little impact in the work that I was doing. Yes, we were enriching lives while we trained but I hardly got to see the measurable & sustainable results post the training programs. I wanted to do something more meaningful that felt more fulfilling. 

3 Trends

It is around this time period that I noticed 3 trends

1. Teachers complaining about Parents getting too involved with their children

2. Army Officers complaining about Parents getting too involved when their children is in camp

3. People in my social circle job-hopping more frequently than 'normal'

That pushed me to look into this phenomenon. I started wondering if it had something to do with my own generation

i started digging further into it...

I knew that what I was hearing was merely the symptoms, there was something much more behind these events.

I started researching more into the topic and realised that many from the Millennial Generation, are depressed with the life they had worked so hard to attain for themselves. 

This set me on the journey of writing my first book, Empowering Millennials: The 5 Step Sequence to design a life of Fun, Freedom & Fortune.


I wrote Empowering Millennials for college students and youths who were going through the same Quarter Life Crisis as I was.

As a result of that, I had Managers from Organisations knock on my door to ask me if I did any training programs for corporations that would Empower Managers to manage Millennials better.  

I took up the challenge and the rest, as they say, is history

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